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Interested in enrolling? Give us a call at 

540-459-4100 to see if we have openings!


If you are interested in enrolling your child in Sons + Daughters Academy, please head over to our Contact page and submit an inquiry or print and download the enrollment form below. Once we have received payment of your first week and the enrollment fee quoted to you, your child will then be enrolled and ready for his or her first day. You can also click here to go to our Facebook page and book an appointment to schedule a tour with us. We currently offer full & part time if available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is tuition due?
    Every Friday by 6pm. If payment is received after that time, a late fee of $25 is due.
  • Do your teachers have degrees?
    All of our teachers either have a minimum of an ECE associates degree, or equivalent years of experience in the age group they are working with. We also require training credentials in early childhood education of at least 16 hours per year. Alongside this training, teachers are required to maintain Abeka training each year, alongside 13 hours of required training from the VDOE (VA Dept. of Education).
  • Do you have cameras?
    Yes we have cameras in all classrooms. Only administration is available to see camera footage at this time. If there is ever a concern, please bring your concerns to management and we will pull any footage necessary. We are very protective of our babies and will always investigate any issue or concern you may have.
  • Do you provide daily reports about my child's day?
    Yes, we use an app and provide digital reports including meals, diaper changes, naps and lesson plans.
  • Do you do background checks?
    Yes, we have several background checks that we run on all of our staff. The first is a national FBI fingerprint scan, then staff are required to have a CPS records check, which checks for any cases against them through DSS, and we also do our due diligence with searching any potential candidates within the local court system, and also through the state. When it comes to people caring for your children, we can never be too certain. We want to make sure we are hiring the right individuals for your family.
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