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Diverse Learning Environments

Baby Playing with Abacus


We realize the importance of the first year and we know that sometimes even the thought of leaving your infant with someone else can be heartbreaking. Helping you through that transition is our number one priority. That is why we provide security cameras in our classrooms and give parents updates through our app throughout the day. We do not have camera access for parents at this time, but we will make sure you are able to see videos, pictures, and receives notifications within the app throughout your child's day. We also work directly with parents in creating a daily schedule that will encourage structure and growth. Your infant needs an environment where they can explore and feel at home. Through love, play, and nurturing, your infant will have the opportunity to grow and learn in a peaceful setting.


The toddler age is such a fun age and they are so inquisitive and energetic! Your toddler is  learning to put words together, walking, and becoming more independent. We provide an environment where your toddler is encouraged to learn through interactive and social play as well as age appropriate academics. We also know that communicating with your toddler can sometimes be a challenge, so teaching your toddler to communicate through sign language is something we take pride in offering each family. Encouraging them to use their imagination in a stimulating environment provides the opportunity for them to learn creativity, problem solving, and fine and gross motor skills

Playing with Wooden Alphabets
Preschool Class


By the age of 3, your preschooler is gaining independence, becoming more communicative, and most likely asking every question in the book. They are so eager to learn! That is why we provide a curriculum that is easy to understand, but challenges their little minds. Abeka curriculum gives your preschooler the opportunity to learn important fundamentals while also learning the basics of the Christian faith. This sets the foundation for building moral character and gets your preschooler ready for pre-k.


Pre-k will prepare your child for entering kindergarten with ease. It can be a scary transition for you and your child and we are ready to prepare you all for this exciting time. Giving your child a positive experience in pre-k will give them a positive example of what they can expect in a school setting. Our teachers will be mirroring a typical kindergarten day, so your child will know exactly what to expect on his or her first day. Teachers will work with your student to define early reading, writing, and speaking skills. In addition, they will also focus on math, science, and social studies.

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