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Beef Fundraiser


Sons + Daughters is doing a beef fundraiser to raise money for our daycare + school. This fundraiser will help us build our new music + arts program, and provide supplies needed for the daycare and school. This new program will allow students to learn about music on all levels, learn how to play instruments, learn how to find their creativity through art and creative arts, and find their passion for creativity.

Below you will see all that's included if you win the raffle. Each raffle ticket is $20. This beef share is worth more than $575 worth of locally grown beef, provided by Villacaro Farms. Eric + I have personally purchased from this farm and their beef is exceptional. If you want to participate in the raffle, but don't live close, have no fear, we will pack the beef on dry ice and ship it to you. Remember, the more tickets you purchase, the higher the chances are that you can win. Thank you in advance for your support and participation.
Beef Share Includes:

5 Premium Steaks (combo of Ribeye, NY strip, Filet Mignon, 2 Sirloin Steaks). 2 Roasts (2.5 - 3.5lbs each, may be chuck, Top Sirloin, Bottom Round, London Broil or Brisket), 3lb steaks include a combo of sirloin tip steaks, honeymoon steaks, minute steaks, flat iron steaks and other selections from their butcher. 2lbs Stew Beef. 1 Package soup bones (2 marrow bones with beef). 1lbs Chorizo loose sausage. 10lbs Ground Beef. 1 Pack of Snack Sticks (BBQ Flavor)

Welcome to

Sons + Daughters


A Nonprofit Organization


Now enrolling 6 weeks - 5 yrs.

Sons + Daughters Academy is a Christian based, nonprofit learning academy where children ages 6 weeks - 5 yrs start their journey as lifelong learners in a caring, loving, and nurturing environment.


Children thrive when encouraged to learn through the Abeka Book approach. Abeka is a Christian based curriculum. Refined over 50 years by dedicated scholars, the Abeka program has been a leading academic program throughout the country


Our programs provides children the opportunity to experience, experiment and understand how to learn together in a positive atmosphere that encourages collaboration, a sense of community and fairness. 

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Our Approach

We believe in providing an atmosphere that feels like home away from home. Every child deserves the right to experience an early education in a peaceful and loving environment and parents should NEVER have to worry who they are leaving their children with. Giving peace of mind to all of our families through educated professionals who are called to care for children is a top priority for our school and community.

What Parents Think

"Hands down the best daycare in the area! Our family absolutely loves Sharla. She's great with kids! My child actually learns new things every time he goes and not just stuck in front of a tv all day long!"

~ Colin's mom ~

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